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The United Way Trinidad & Tobago was incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on November 30th 1999 as a concept modeled after the United Ways in Canada. United Way Trinidad & Tobago is a national non-profit organization which mobilizes resources to serve non-governmental organizations and community based organizations that deliver social services in Trinidad and Tobago. Established under the auspices of United Way Worldwide, United Way Trinidad & Tobago is dedicated to the advancement and uplifting of society. We are committed to working with non-governmental organizations, government, business, labor, community leaders, and socially conscious individuals and organizations, locally and internationally to help build sound communities and improve the quality of life in Trinidad & Tobago. Our vision is to be the moving force in developing and sustaining a civil society in Trinidad & Tobago, in which every individual fulfills his/her social responsibility of promoting human well-being. Our mission is to mobilize human, financial and physical resources for the benefit of community service organizations in Trinidad & Tobago. We shall conduct all our affairs with integrity and transparency.

What is United Way?